• Which DJ will be at my wedding/event?
  • When you make a booking, the person you speak to on the phone or through email, will be the DJ.
  • What will you be wearing at my wedding/event?
  • Your DJ will be in formal attire for weddings (e.g. suit and tie). For parties and corporate events your DJ will be neatly presented.
  • Do you have microphones available?
  • We have a variety of wireless microphone solutions for your event. When you make a booking please inform us of your requirements and we’ll tailor a set-up to your needs.
  • Do you travel for weddings and parties?
  • Most definitely! And unlike most DJ companies, we do not charge you for the privilege. The price you are given is all-inclusive.
  • What is your interaction style?
  • We believe the best wedding service providers are those who ‘blend’ in and compliment your event. Our interaction style at your event is based on your preference, not ours. We can be up-beat and energetic or use a more laid-back approach – we will work with you through consultations to arrive the perfect DJ style you are after. Rest assured, you will not be caught off-guard by anything we say or do during your event. Our style puts you in the spotlight, not us!
  • Will you check out my wedding/event venue before-hand?
  • We will visit the venue (with or with out you being present) in the lead up to your event to perform a full inspection. We meet with venue the coordinator to discuss issues such as access, where to set up and perform on the evening and go through any other logistics. This helps us to be best prepared in advance of your event.

Equipment & Setup

  • How much time do you need to set up?
  • We like to give ourselves a minimum of 2 hours for arrival at your event on the day. This will give us ample time to load all equipment in to the venue, set-up and perform a full test before you and your guests arrive.
  • How do you setup and present your equipment?
  • If it was my wedding or party, I would want it to look and sound the best. With this in mind, our presentation and setup is always clean and professional – we will do out utmost to ensure that volume levels are right at all times and that our set-up compliments the venue and your event.
  • What if your equipment fails? Do you have a backup?
  • The integrity of our equipment is crucial to the success of your event. All of our equipment is tested prior to your event and we have back up systems in place in the event that any of our equipment fails during your event.
  • How much power do you need?
  • We need at least one 10-15A dedicated circuit for our systems to perform adequately. We can check this for you when we inspect the venue location.
  • Sub-woofers are a part of your set-up? Are they necessary and what do they acheive?
  • We believe so. Even to the untrained ear you will be able to notice and appreciate the difference between systems with and without a subwoofer present. Your standard two speaker setup will not have the capacity to reproduce the deep and warm tones (low frequencies) that a subwoofer can provide. I often receive feedback regarding the quality of our systems from guests who were privy to the ‘subwoofer’ experience.

Insurance & Contracts

  • Are you insured? Can you supply me with proof of liability?
  • Yes we are and most certainly can provide you with proof of liability cover.
  • Do you provide a written contract?
  • Yes we do – we believe that is important to have your wedding date adn the details confirmed in writing. Once you have accepted a quote, you will need to pay a 20% deposit to secure a booking. We will then removed that date from our books to prevent us from ‘double-booking’.


  • Do you cater for different styles of event? For example a ‘Country’ Wedding?
  • We most certainly do! Atmos Event DJ’s have performed at numerous events with a particular theme and are musically equipped to cater for such events. You’ll be surprised by our depth of musical knowledge across all eras, genres and styles.
  • How is music picked out? Do you take requests?
  • We will consult with you regarding music choices for your event. For weddings, this is vital for ‘special’ music for key moments such as the ‘Grand Entrance’, ‘Cake Cutting’, and ‘Bridal Waltz’, to name just a few. Music is supplied from the time your guests enter the venue to the time they leave and cover various stages such as background music for cocktails & canapés, dinner music, and dance music. You can make as many requests and suggestions prior to the event, or you can rely on our depth in music knowledge to be able to ‘read-the-crowd’ and take requests as the event progresses. We are very flexible when it comes to music and will do our very best to make sure that the music is suitable for any particular moment.

Pricing & Payments

  • How do I make a payment?
  • Payments can be transferred electronically in to our business account, or you may wish to pay by cheque or cash. Full payment must be received at least 14-days prior to your event.
  • What are your prices?
  • Please refer to our “Services” page and don’t forget to submit a request for a quote on the “Quote” page. We offer a standard and wedding package and prices are at an hourly rate. We also offer a brand new photo booth service, the “PictureBox” that is offered as a bundled package or you can hire on its own.
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